Monday, June 16, 2014

Scoop That Poop: Pet Expo Edition

As most of you know this past weekend we went to the Minnesota Pet Expo. We spent all day there and were amazed at how many pet parents didn't pick up after their dog and we were inside. Not only did we see abandoned poop, but throw up and dribbles as well. 

At the event they had an indoor Pet Potty Area that you could bring your pets to do their business. They also had a wonderful staff of official Pooper Scoopers ready to assist when nature calls. 

I am sad to say that I got excited to see Shorty that I had an accident. But instead of walking away my mom and me kept watch and warned people before they stepped in it. Then my aunt went looking for an official Pooper Scooper to help save the day. 

So, even if you dog has an accident, weather it is outside or inside, do the right thing and Scoop That Poop

Check out this awesome key chain we got from the event! Please not, the photo with me next to the huge turd is not mine but a display. :)


  1. I am glad that your accident wasn't THAT big, Spencer. ;)
    Poop displays like that huge one and trinkets like the key chain are wonderful aids in helping to take the "ew, gross" out of dog poop and have people get a sense of humor. Poop isn't pleasant but it exists, you have to clean it up so you may as well smile about it!

  2. Some people really amaze me... my gosh, even at a PET EXPO they would do this? Disgusting... and so rude.

  3. BOL bet no one else has a poopy key chain
    Lily & Edward

  4. Haha well good to know that the huge turd isn't yours Spencer!! lol! I think that's an awesome idea for a poop scooping company to do that at the expo. I don't think we had anyone doing that at the Amazing Pet Expo in Austin that we went to.

  5. Whew for a second there I didn't realize it was a keychain! Pretty thoughtful that they provided poop helpers.

  6. Pooper Scooper is a life saver. I always carry it whenever I take my dog for a walk.

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