Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! Hope you all have a safe and spooky day! In the mean time, I will be education others to prevent forest fires!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

PAWS Halloween Benefit Walk

Last weekend I dusted off my walking shoes and put on one of my costumes and hit the pavement. I was among many other humans and K9s walking to help raise money for Provide Animals With Shelter (PAWS). PAWS funds care and shelter to stray/surrendered animals in a rural area of South Central Minnesota until adoption. Every October, PAWS host a fundraising Halloween Trick or Treat walk and I wasn't about to miss it.

While my mom was signing us up, I decided to test out the kissing booth. Unfortunately, I had no takers for a smooch on the cheek.

What would a trick or treat walk be without some yummy treats? Our first stop brought us to a local cafe where they made us pups some great treats!

Along the way we walked through some colorful falling leaves.

This was my favorite table, how am I suppose to only choose two squeaky toys. I finally did decide and away we headed to our next stop. There were a total of 8 or 9 tables all having great stuff to choose from for both humans and dogs. 

Here is a college of pictures from the walk. I especially like the photo on the bottom right that says "HI" on the sidewalk.

After the walk was over we all headed back to the park where we enjoyed music, fellowship, and our humans received complementary hot dogs. Finally it was time for the costume contest to start. There were so many great costumes that day. When we heard I was the winner I couldn't believe my ears. 

I may have won the contest but the real winners are the animals at the shelter. And the real heroes don't wear capes, instead, they are all those who help these animals in need day in and day out.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a safe Halloween!

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Little Snoopy's Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

What would Halloween be if I didn't bring Little Snoopy to the pumpkin patch. We are in Minnesota after all, the birth place of Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. Not to mention, we are in search of the Great Pumpkin. Once we find our great pumpkin, I think I'm going to watch the classic movie.

Have you found your Great Pumpkin?  Do you plan on watching the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Costumes Through the Years

Friday is taking forever to get here! This Friday is The Paws annual Halloween Party and all animals are welcomed to dress up and attend. Ever since they have started in 2008, I have been dressing up and participating in the costume contest portion of the party. First place brings home a $50 gift card, second place a $30 gift card, and third is a $20 gift card to the local pet store. I have been lucky to place most of the years, winning prizes along the way. Most people think I do it for the money, but actually, any prize money or gift cards won I donate to the local humane society. So, my humans try hard every year for the ultimate prize, paying it forward to those in need. 

Here are my past costume and place I made it in the costume contest:
2008 - Doctor (5th place)
2009 - Farmer (1st place)
2010 - Pizza Maker (1st place)
2011 - Scotsmen in a Kilt (1st place)
2012 - World War ll General (2nd place)
2013 - Benjamin Franklin (1st place)
2014 - Michelangelo (the artist) (2nd place)

I'm so excited to share with everyone on Friday what my 2015 costume is going to be! Stay tuned on Monday when I'm going to share my time at the Halloween Party! Until Friday, hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Is your dog dressing up for Halloween? Is there any pet friendly Halloween parties you are going to attend ? Would love to hear what your costume is and what pet friendly party you will be attending!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015 Review: Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Treats

On Friday I announced that I'm teaming up with Each month will send me one or two treats, toys, or other products for my honest review. For my second review for the month of October I'm happy to introduce Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Dog Treats

Since starting in 1999, Grandma Lucy's has been making great wholesome, natural and delicious dog treats. There tasty treats are made in a bakery not in a factory. They are made with organic, human-quality ingredients for dogs.

Other benefits of this treat:
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • 100% USDA Organic, USA originated ingredients
  • Oven baked
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • No by-products, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors
  • Certified kosher
  • Made in the USA

These delicious organic pumpkin treats come in cute teddy bear shaped treats.

Now time for the taste test, the best part of the review!

 I would highly recommend these Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Dog Treats to all of my K9 pals out there. This treat comes in six different flavors to choose from (pumpkin, blueberry, banana & sweet potato, apple, cranberry, and peach). These treats come in 14 ounce resealable bags and are currently on sale at for $8.09 plus shipping. Shipping is free for any purchase over $49.

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Friday, October 23, 2015 October Review

I'm excited to announce that I have teamed up with Each month will send me one or two treats, toys, or other products for my honest review. For my very first product I'm reviewing the West Paw Design Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee.

Zogoflex Air Dash Frisbee came in a bright peacock color making it easy to see in flight or on the ground.  I love that this frisbee is Eco-friendly as well as recyclable. 

Other benefits include: FDA complaints and both BPA ad phthalate-free, this frisbee is non-toxic and top shelf dishwasher safe. Finally, the it is designed, sourced, and made in the USA.

The light weight design makes it easy for my humans to throw countless times as well as float in the water. The durable outer shell surrounds a soft foam material, so it won't hurt your pup's mouth or your hands. The center hole also makes it easy for me to pick the frisbee up off the ground.

Now time for testing, which means heading to the dog park. I was surprised as to how smooth this frisbee flew in the air. Because of the soft design it was easy for me to catch it in the air as well as chase it on the ground.

I felt like top dog at the dog park with this frisbee. All the other dogs wanted to join in the fun and play with with me! The durability made it great for playing tug as well as stand up to an official toy destroyer. That would be your truly!!! :)

I would highly recommend the West Paw Design Zogoflex Air Dash to any K9 out there! This toy comes in three different colors and is currently on sale at for $17.99 plus shipping. Shipping is free for any purchase over $49.

Visit for this and other products.

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*I received this product from for my honest review. I didn't receive any monetary compensation. All options in this review are my own.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pet Gift Box October 2015 Edition

My favorite time of the month is when the mailman delivers my monthly Pet Gift Box to my door. 

Pet Gift Box is a monthly box subscriptions for pets. They have boxes for both Dogs and Cats. Your box is created around your dog's size. Each month's box is a different theme which includes a mix of 4-6 toys, treats, and other products.

Here are their different subscription options:
  • 1 month $28.99/month (free shipping)
  • 3 months $23.99/month (free shipping)
  • 6 months $20.99/month (free shipping)
  • 12 months $18.99/month (free shipping)

My favorite part of the Pet Gift Box is that they charge monthly. Meaning you do not pay it all upfront. 

If you want to give the Pet Gift Box a try, use the coupon code "Spencer" and get 25% off you first box.

Since it is October, this month's theme is "Halloween." Let's take a look at what goodies have arrived this month.

Playful Pumpkin - $12.99 (MSRP)
  • The Playful Pumpkin Jack O'Lantern is made from soft corduroy with a squeaker inside. This to has lasted for a week with me playing with it daily and hasn't ripped yet.
Peek-A-Boo Toy - $8.99 (MSRP)
  • The head pops up and surprises your pup when they squeeze this creepy Halloween toy.
Pumpkin Smoocher Drops - $10.99 (MSRP)
  • These chewy, tasty pumpkin-flavored drops with a kiss of yogurt on each.
Halloween Boo-Dana - $5.99 (MSRP)
  • A spooky bandana is perfect for dressing you pup up for a spine-chilling evening. 
Spooktacular Cookies - $4.99 (MSRP)
  • Includes a pumpkin and ghost shape cookies that taste like pumpkin pie.
The total value of this box is $43.95!!! That is a $25.00 savings! 

Pet Gift Box is always a fun surprise every month with toys, treats, and other products I might not have tried. So what are you waiting for, get your Pet Gift Box today. Use the code "Spencer" and get 25% off your first box!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Happy Apple Day

Little Snoopy and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Apple Day! Fresh off the tree apples are the best! 

Does you dog like apples? Would love to hear below.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Photo Bombed and Mischief at the Apple Orchard

Happy Monday Everyone! It's official, fall is here and that means apple orchard time. I decided to hit the road with my mom and visit one of the local apple orchards. 

The orchard we went to is called Minnesota Harvest in Southern Minnesota. While I was getting my picture at the welcome sign you will never guess who photo bombed my picture, Emma from My GBGV Life.

After catching up we decided to hangout at the orchard while our moms play with their cameras.

Emma wasn't happy when I beat her to the top of the hay stack. And she was less then thrilled when I started yelling, "I'm king of the world!" I need really need to work on my lady skills.

What is harvest time without a tractor or two. Right Emma? I have seen red and green tractors before but never an orange tractor. 

I could hear our moms talking about the limo ride we were going to have and boy, I got excited! I mean, who doesn't want to drive around with a pretty lady by their side in a fancy vehicle. It turned out we were thinking of two different limos. However, this orchard limo is even better and much easier to smell the fall, crisp air.

As our moms were talking, we found out Emma and her mom have never been to Minnesota's largest candy store. I almost passed out in surprise. Even I love this store, as they sell the most delicious, home grown apples as well. Our moms sure felt like kids in a candy store walk up and down the rows and rows of a sorted candy. Once they finally came out of the candy store, we found out they got into a little bit of mischief themselves. But that is a whole different blog post.

Today is the last day to enter for your chance to win a bag of Zuke's Mini Natural and one of their Z-Bones. HERE is the link.

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Zuke's Review and Giveaway

Happy Tasty Tuesday Everyone! Today I'm excited to share with you all two tasty treats from Zuke's. The first treat is the Pumpkin Patch Mini Naturals and the second treat it the Z-Bones Minty Fresh. Both of these treats are here just in time for all the fun fall festivities.

Both of these treats are made right here in the USA and completely free of harsh additives, preservatives, and common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy.

The Pumpkin Patch Mini Naturals are shaped like real pumpkins with a recipe to match.  Here is more about the Mini Naturals:

  • Perfect size for training any size, age or breed of dog.
  • Each treat has only 3.5 calories so frequent rewards can encourage positive behavior during the hectic holiday season. 
  • The delicious turkey and pumpkin recipe features quality, lean protein and the powerful nutritional value of pumpkin.
  • This treat is rich with several vitamins and minerals.

Like I stated above, these treats are great for training and positively rewarded your dogs good behavior. My mom loves using Zuke's Mini during my photo sessions when I'm listening and behaving myself.

The Pumpkin Patch Mini's are sold in a 6 ounce re-sealable package for $5.79.

Next up is the Zuke's Z-Bone Minty Fresh. This tasty bone is here in time to help freshen your dog's breath after eating all the yummy Halloween treats. Not only does this treat freshen your pup's breath but also polishes teeth and helps maintain healthy gums. Here is more info on the Z-Bones:

  • This treat is designed with spearmint and fennel to support a clean, fresh mouth.
  • Pumpkin, parsley and rosemary contribute to healthy digestion to support fresh breath from the inside out.
  • The Product's ideal texture helps polish teeth and maintain healthy gums.

The one thing I love about the Z-Bones is that it is not as hard a typical bones and is easier to break into smaller pieces. I have found that there is lower choking hazard than with typical bones. However, my humans still supervise me since choking is always a possibility. 

The regular-sized Minty Fresh Z-Bones (appropriate for dogs over 10 pounds and 6 months of age) are sold individually wrapped packages for $2.99.

These treats are only around for a limited time, so make sure you get yours in time for the Halloween and Thanksgiving season. 

To learn more about these tasty treats or any of Zuke's other products you can visit them here: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Now on to the giveaway: 2 randomly selected people will win their own Zuke's Mini Naturals Pumpkin Patch and the Minty Fresh Z-Bones. If you are 18 years of ago or older and a US resident simply enter below for your chance. Make sure you come back day to enter. The giveaway goes until the October 19th at midnight central time. 
*Spencer the Goldendoodle was given these Zuke trests for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given. All options are our own and where not influenced by anyone.
*Supervision was given the entire time Spencer was testing these treats. Please supervise your pet when they are around any toy, treat, chew or food.