Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Caru Natural Stew Review and Giveaway

Hello Everyone! Today I'm sharing with you a very tasty treat. Introducing Caru Natural Stews, this stew comes in four delicious flavors: Chicken, Turkey, Beef, and Pork.

Let's learn more about Caru and their Natural Stews:
  • made in the US, in USDA-inspected facilities
  • made with real meat sourced from the US
  • made with natural ingredients
  • free of grain, wheat, gluten, corn, and soy
  • free of hormones, antibiotics, and animal by-products
  • free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservative
  • prepared in small batches that are independently tested for safety
  • non-GMO ingredients
  • human grade, but formulated for dogs
  • complete and falanced formulas, fortified with vitamins and minerals
Caru Natural Stew is great for dog that:
  • are really picky eaters
  • have food allergies
  • are older and just don't eat much
  • are recovering from illness or surgery and have a suppressed appetite
  • don't take their supplements or meds
  • just seem to be unhealthy
I even love the unique packaging that this stew comes in. Why does Caru's stew come in Tetra Pak cartons instead of conventional cans?
  • Protects freshness and taste without preservatives.
  • BPA-free packaging
  • Made from up to 70% paper.
  • Easy to open, serve, close, travel with and store.

Did you know that there are 3 different ways to eat Caru Natural Stews? That's right, 3 different ways: as a hot meal, topper, or frozen.

Hot Meal: Simply pour half or the whole container into a microwavable container. Place in the microwave for 30-45 seconds or until desired temperature. Make sure it isn't too hot for your dog. This is a tasty treat during the cold winter months.

Topper: Add half of the stew container to your dog food to add extra texture and flavor. Store your open container in the refrigerate. 

Frozen: Pour stew into an ice tray. Place into the freezer over night and the next morning you have a frozen tasty treat on hot summer days. 

Not only is Caru Natural Stews good and healthy it looks, smells, and tastes more like homemade! What dog doesn't love homemade? Now, please leave me so I can enjoy!

To learn more about Caru Natural Stew and their other products visit them on any of these sites: Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.

Now time for a giveaway! Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win one of each of the four flavors above. Must be 18 years of ago and a US resident to enter.

*Spencer the Goldendoodle was given four Caru Natural Stews for the purpose of this review. No other compensation was given. All options are our own and where not influenced by anyone.
*Supervision was given the entire time Spencer was testing this food. Please supervise your pet when they are around any toy, treat, chew or food.

Today I'm joining the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop hosted by Kol's Notes and Sugar the Golden Retriever.


  1. Great review my friend and good luck to all who enter! We aren't entering because we reviewed this fabulous food a few months ago....it truly IS "as advertised", it's marvelous! LOVE, LOVE your review! DakotasDen

  2. Good review. We never heard of that stew before. Wonder if it comes in tree rat stew
    Lily & Edward

  3. I don't think my dog would care which flavor she got! But the pork or beef would be great. I like adding red meats to my dog's diet as often as possible.

  4. The boys love all of Caru's flavors but they love the beef stew.

  5. Mauja and Atka love all the flavors, but I think the beef stew is their favorite!

  6. Super creative ways to eat it! This time of year stew is nice. Warm food in our bellies on a cool day.

  7. Never thought about the frozen option. Sounds like a great product!

  8. Mike is always excited to try just about anything that is edible, but I would like him to try the turkey stew first.
    {in the contest I am Margot C__ on the Rafflecopter}

  9. Wow! So many flavors! I think my dog, Tonya, would like to try the Pork flavor! (I entered with Facebook account as Amie De

  10. I think Tim and Hank would love them all, but turkey would probably be their first choice. It would be fun to get all four and see which one they would go for first!

  11. I think Tim and Hank would love them all, but turkey would probably be their first choice. It would be fun to get all four and see which one they would go for first!

  12. My dogs aren't picky, but chicken would probably be the first choice!!

  13. My dog would love the Chicken Stew!

  14. my girls would eat them all, but i would prefer the turkey or the beek....

  15. My guys would like them all. Let's give Pork Stew a try. Bet they love it a lot!

  16. My pack loves to eat and will eat just about anything. However they all especially love chicken.