Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Benefits of Owning a Fish and Starting Your Own Aquarium #APIfish

Visiting PetSmart in search of my new fish.

I'm excited to share with you my latest adventure, becoming a fish owner with the help of PetSmart® and API® 
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Let's first look at different reasons or benefit of being a fish owner. 
  • Fish are quiet, affordable, clean pets the involve minimal attention and have minimal to no behaviors depending on the breeds. 
  • Fish can take up as much room or as little room as possible, making them great for apartments. 
  • Fish are a great pet for children. Not only does it help teach them responsibility, but they also provide them with friendship. 
  • Finally, it has been scientifically proven fish have a calming affect. Between hearing the sound of the water to watching them effortlessly swimming about. Fish tanks offer us the opportunity to bring the calming affects of nature into our houses.

After deciding to be a fish owner it was off to PetSmart to get everything I need. 

I decided on API's 1.5 Aquarium Kit with 180 Degree View. Here is what all came in this kit: 
  • API Perfect Start™, a complete and easy-to-us start-up program to successfully start your aquarium. It consists of 3 envelopes to use on Day 1, Day 14, and Day 28. Each envelop contains single dose of API's Stress Coat, Stress Zyme, and Quick Start.
  • Multi-Color Led Lighting - light color options include white, blue, red, green, purple, aqua and amber.
  • Easy Care Integrated Filration System - the filter housing is molded into the tank body so it displaces less water. This filter uses API Crystal Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge.
While I was picking out my products one of PetSmarts employees, Megan, came over and asking if we were finding everything okay. I had my mom tell her that we are becoming fish owners and if there was anything she recommended. She asked what kind of fish we had in mind. We told her that we were looking to get a Betta fish. She highly recommended getting the API's Bettafix and Stress Coat.

She explained that Bettafix is an all-natural way to treat Bettas for bacterial infections. She shared that one of her Bettas was biting his back fin. After using this API product he no longer was biting his fin and it help make his fin healthier. She then told us that Stress Coat is part of API's Aquarium Maintenance collection and help makes our tap water safe for our new Betta.

Last, but not least, I needed to pick out my new pal. PetSmart had a many Betta fish to choose from in all different colors and breeds. Megan did a wonderful job explaining what the difference of each breed is. Finally I settled on a male blue crown Betta I named, Tuna.

Finding everything I need 
After getting everything we needed for Tuna we headed home and started to unpack and set up the tank. It only took about 15 minutes to set the tank up, fill it with water, add the chemicals, and the accessories. We then let the tank sit over night with the filter on before we added Tuna to the tank. 

Tuna has been a wonderful addition to our family. He is enjoying his new spacious home and I love watching him swim about.

To learn more about these and other API products visit them at either their Website or on Facebook. To check out PetSmart's collection of API products simply click HERE.

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  1. Something is fishy with this post ;) Cat bro Bert read tuna and got hungry! Enjoy your new swimming friend.

  2. Wow! Tuna is a brilliant blue color. I am so glad the people at PetSmart were so helpful to you so you could take the best care of Tuna possible!

  3. We got our betta at PetSmart and loved him so much

  4. mommy wont buy us a pet fish.Not fair
    Lily & Edward

  5. Nice to meet you Tuna, it looks like you are going to have a cushy life.

  6. I have always loved keeping fish. They really are wonderful pets, and watching them swim about has always been really calming for me. However, watching my cats try to murder said fish is far from relaxing, so we're fish free for now. I miss them!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  7. We used to have fish growing up. Love watching calm, so peaceful. Great pics Spencer!

  8. Tuna is gorgeous and it looks like you've got a great easy-care set-up for him.

  9. My sister is interested in getting some fish for her second grade classroom. I shall share this post with her.