Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pull 'n Play Cat Treat Toy

A couple of weeks ago my humans found a coupon in the Sunday paper for $2.00 off this Play Pack from Friskies. We all decided we need to spoil Callie the Cat a little and see if she would play with it.

Once we got it home from the pet store we started to open up the packaging. Surprising Callie came running into the room. Not only does this toy hold treats inside, but you also place edible sting in the top of the toy. If you get this Play Pack everything you need is included.

Right away Callie attack the edible strings and gobbled them up. Check out that tongue!

After the edible string was gone, she started smelling the treats through the hole in the side of the toy. Not long after that she got the hang of batting the toy around for the treats to fall out.

Callie loved this interactive treat dispenser! Now, anytime my humans touch this toy she comes running and starts meowing obnoxiously! I guess you can teach an old cat new tricks!

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Today I'm joining the Tasty Tuesday Blog Hop hosted by: Kol's Notes & Sugar the Golden Retriever.


  1. Okay, now we are pissed. We have been trying to find one of these stupid cat toys for months and they are always sold out around here. It looks like something Bert could play with and eat, but not eat the entire toy! Our coupons all expired because we can never find one.Your kitty is super lucky to have found one!

    1. I have an extra one you can have! Hope your cats like it as much as Callie loves hers!

  2. Oh boy that you looks fun
    Lily & Edward

    1. I have never seen Callie work so hard before!!! :)

  3. Mum found this toy for Sixpence and Tigger III a few weeks ago. They both like it, but I have a tendency to eat the string/toys before they can, so mum is not in a hurry to refill it all the time, bol.

    ttfn and toodle pip


  4. That looks like a really fun toy! Our kitties always end up enjoying the packaging more than any toys we buy them so it has been a while since we picked them up anything cool!

  5. I think I'm going to have to get one of these... Callie LOVES string and she would eat it if I left it out. So, edible string is a really awesome idea!