Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WW: Practicing with Zuke's

I'm excited to share with you some of my basic commands! Please note that my humans are not dog trainers. The techniques and command are ones that work for us. I recommend your pup attending basic classes for both of you to work on skills and commands early on. 

Zuke's Mini Natural dog treats work great for training or practicing with you pet. Don't forget to enter now to win your very own lot of Zuke's Mini's. Here is the direct link to enter!

This first video I'm demonstrating my "leave it" and "wait" skills. As you can tell in the video our release word is "all done." You want to make sure you release word isn't a popular word that is used in your house hold, such as "okay."

This second video is an important skill/command I work on. I love my treats and I love kids, so what is better, getting treats for kids. But, I need to make sure I do so in a gentle way. The command for taking a treat gently is "easy." If my humans feel I'm not being gently enough they will either put their finger or the treat or bring the treat back to them. Then, once I'm making eye contact with them they say "easy" and let me try the treat again.

This final video is one of my favorite commands to practice. Here I'm working on my "sit" and "down." My humans like to call this one my "puppy push ups!" When my humans make practicing fun, I really get into it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check me out in action. I would love to hear from you any tips or trick you have with training you dog.


  1. No tricks here but sticking to my usual mantra of no treats no pose. Great training there. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I usually work with or without treats, but sometimes treats make it more fun. On the other paw, if something exciting is going on like a wabbit or squirrel, I refuse to even hear commands. Zukes are my choice, when I do work on my obedience.

  3. Great tricks!! Mom usually balances them on our heads and nose! Happy WW!

  4. That's wonderful! Clever of you to teach the "easy" word for taking treats gently. I think we'll try that ourselves.

  5. You are a smarty pants
    Lily & Edward

  6. KEWL! I think we're going to want to work on the "easy" command here! Sometimes I can get a bit carried away with my treats and we definitely need some exercises to help me be a bit more gentle in general. Thanks! *wags* - Gilligan from

  7. Great job learning your commands Spencer! I bet those treats are super yummy :)

  8. Very impressive Spencer! We love Zukes too!

  9. Mini Zukes are great to practice with. Lady could give you the whole scientific principles about training (she isn't a dog training expert but is a behaviourist for people . . . same science). Just keep this in mind - if you want a behaviour to occur more, you need to reinforce it. So your mom needs to give you lots of cookies when you do what she says:) Maybe she will write a post about the science soon.