Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WW: Mail

My mailman has been keeping busy, here is what has been coming and going this week!

I finally finished all my Christmas cards, with the help from mom of course. Off to the mail box with these.

The current Christmas card count is:
Spencer: 23
Humans: 16

As you can see I'm still beating my humans!

The mailman also brought me my first Christmas present. It is from my grandparents!

I got this wonderful dish and place mat set from Life Is Good. Love how they say "Half Full" on them.

Finally, check out this guy! He is also a gift from my grandparents. They said they thought he looked just like me. What do you think? Do you think he looks like me? By the way, I named him, "Rufus."


  1. Way to go with the cards Spencer and we love your gifts. How cool are they? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Your people are catching up on the cards. I hope you get more soon! Love the light dog.

  3. You've gotten some great gifts. I can see the resemblance to you and the Christmas dog. Merry Christmas!

  4. Can definitely see the resemblance between you and Rufus! And, of course you're getting more Christmas cards than those humans. YOU'RE the star of the show! :)

  5. done with your cards?? Good boy!! The hat is very stylish, very whimsical. You're one lucky dog Spence
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  6. We saw our card in your display! Great pressies.

  7. LOL at beating your humans for Christmas cards, sadly Kilo is too!

  8. I think you need a bigger door!

  9. You and Rufus look amazing together! You light up his life BOL

  10. Someone down the road has one of those lit up doodles in their yard! Love your new bowl set, pretty colors.

  11. We agree. Rufus do look like you, a lot. But Spenc isn't it a bit early to open your presents? I isn't Christmas yet.

  12. Sorry buddy but Rufus can never be as handsome as you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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