Sunday, December 14, 2014

B&W Sunday: Giving Needs No Season

For the last two weeks I have been sharing gift ideas to help you find just the right present for someone special. This last week I was able to give back to many special dogs and cats in need.

Throughout the year I try to collect toys, food, beds, collars, treats, and so much more and donate it to my local humane society. Whether it is through couponing, giveaways, events, or accept donations from families who no longer use their pet supplies, this year I had a giant haul. 

Here is a list of some of the items donated:
17 Tug Toys
5 Squeaky Tug Toys
4 Holiday Toys
10 Balls
4 Tuff/Durable Toys
12 Cans of Cat Food
5 Bags of Cat Treats
2 Portable Water Dishes
1 Metal Food Dish

And more supplies donated:
Electric Nail Trimmer
Light-Up Collar
2 Dog Beds
2 Bags of Dog Food
15 Bags of Dog Treats
2 Dog Bone Wreaths
2 Shirts

Here I am presenting my donation to Gerald, Co-Chair at Brown County Humane Society.

I have been blessed with this opportunity to give back and can't wait to start stocking up for next year!

If you have animal supplies that you no longer need or no longer use please donate them to your local humane society or rescue shelter.

Remember, Giving Needs No Season!

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  1. That is so nice of you Spencer...what a load too! I would have given the cat away with the cat supplies too. You are very thoughtful.

  2. Well done with the giving heart Spencer. WE NEED MORE SPENCER'S.
    Mum knits sweaters for dog shelters trouble is she tries them on me first.
    luvs freya rose blossom x

  3. That is fantastic. I bet they appreciate every single thing.

  4. Good boy, Spencer!! We are so proud of you for giving back and helping other dogs and cats in need!

  5. Well done Spencer you rock. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. That a lot of stuff! I bet it is really appreciated. Thanks for supporting your local shelter and sharing the news of your good work.

  7. That's a great thing you are doing there. So many toys and treats! My Mom collects stuff at work and takes it to a collection area with me so our local dogs can get some toys and food too! Abby the Lab

  8. That's a lot of loot for the shelters I am sure they appreciate all the hard work you are doing. Mom feels guilty she left just a small bag of stuff at home to donate today! Love Dolly

  9. That's PAWsome. It's always good to help pet in shelter. Woofs to you! Spencer.

  10. Wow! You did have quite the haul! I bet there are some VERY happy pups in that humane society because of you, Spencer! :) We like to volunteer by fostering every once in a while, but this is a great idea!

  11. Oh are such a good soul. Look at all the wonderful things you have given to some very lucky shelter pets. You are an angel, my dear friend.

  12. Well done, Spencer! You're making a lot of shelter dogs very, very happy. You're a good dog. :-)

  13. wow. this is really cute one. i am just loving it. this is too awesome.. :)
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  14. i have a party for no kill place when i lived in ozark and we got the copns off pet co and then told them about it they went and got over 200 bag by having every oen copy them off they only payed the tax and gave the shelter the food but i am planning having another one agin