Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Rules

Most of the time rules are meant to be broken, however, I think I'm going to follow our new rules.

Dog Rules
Be Loyal and Faithful
Guard the House
Wag More, Bark Less
Show Affection
 Fetch the Ball
No Drinking from the Toilet
Nap Often
Ask to go Outside
Learn New Tricks
Never Stop Playing
Love Unconditionally
and Always Remember it's Called 'Fur'niture for a Reason.

My favorite one is the last rule, it is called 'fur'niture for a reason! Which rules is your favorite?


  1. * helpless giggles * OH we love the Fur-niture for a reason one. * high paw *

    Harvey, Miranda and Silver

  2. Ah, the 'fur'niture is a good one. We often say Huxley is so attached to the couch because collie and couch sound so in synch! I think my favorite of those rules is "learn new tricks." It's always good to keep on stimulating those perfect dog brains!

  3. BOL, BOL funny....fur-niture. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Love that sign, but furniture is off limits at our house. We are used to it, so it is okay and Mom is on the floor with us instead.

  5. That is pawesome! I love the fur'niture one, myself...but what is with no drinking from the toilet? BOL Happy WW

  6. Love those rules. We should get one of those for our house.

  7. We don't really like rules
    Lily & Edward

  8. Touche' Spencer. They didn't call it HUMAN-niture.....

  9. Love it! Fur-niture is definitely the best! Mom says she takes a piece of us everywhere she goes!

  10. Did you make this or get it somewhere? I saw a very similar one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond that I want!

  11. These are some pretty good rules, Spencer. Thanks :)