Tuesday, December 22, 2015

PupCrate December 2015 Edition

I'm excited to share with you the Pupcrate's December 2015 Edition. First, let me explain what PupCrate is and how it works. 
PupCrate is a new subscription dog box. Each monthly PupCrate box contains 4-5 treats (USA made), toys and other pet products that have been hand selected by PupCrate. Each month is sourced extremely carefully from trusted suppliers and each item is unique from anything they will send in a later box.

PupCrate is even great for dogs with allergies. Every PupCrate is wheat, corn and soy free.

Here is how it works:

1) Choose Dog Size:
  • Small (0-20lbs)
  • Medium (20-50lbs)
  • Large (50+lbs)
2) Choose Toy Preference
  • Plush Toys (soft and squishy)
  • Chew Toys (durable and chewy)
  • Or Mix of Plush and Chew
3) Choose A Term
  • Month to Month - $29.95
  • 3 Month Prepay - $85.95
  • 12 Month Prepay - $330.95

Now, lets take a closer look at the goodies in the Decembers Edition of the PupCrate:
  • Tuff Ones Tree
    • Durable holiday tree with strong seams by Outward Hounds.
  • Tuff Ones Candy Cane
    • Durable holiday candy cane with strong seams by Outward Hounds.
  • My Doggy Soft-Baked Cookies
    • Terrific all natural cookies your dog will absolutely love! Gluten Free!
  • 2x Bare Bites
    • Two bags of 100% natural beef liver, no additives. 
  • Preppy Puppy Uniced Tree
    • A Special holiday treat from a local bakery in Massachusetts. Gluten Free!
  • Roll of Earth Rated Poop Bags
    • My favorite part of this box subscription! You can never have too many poop bags! Right?

I have a confession and acceptance is the first step, I've heard. I am tough on my toys. I don't rip them to piece. Instead, I have some OCD tendency and play with them until the fall apart or until my humans take them away. I have been playing with these two toys for a week straight, sleeping with them, taking them outside with me, and even playing fetch with them. Guess what??? They are both still in one piece and there isn't any holes in them! They have been Spencer tested and my humans approve! They really are Tuff!

To learn more about PupCrate or to place your order visit any of their sites: Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instaram.

*Spencer the Goldendoodle received this PupCrate box to review. The opinions in this review are the honest opinion of Spencer the Goldendoodle. PupCrate is not responsible for the contents of this post.


  1. Looks like another fun subscription box just in time for Christmas.

  2. Ooh, what a great box of goodies! Those toys look like they are super tuff and fun...it is no wonder you have been taking them everywhere!

  3. We got the same PupCrate box for review! :) We'll be working on ours soon... a little behind.

  4. What a cool box. We better add it to our list
    Happy Holidays
    Lily & Edward

  5. Thanks Dood! BTW, we got your pressie yesterday and it did NOT break! Thank you!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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