Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black and White Sunday: White Stuff

Happy Sunday Everyone!

After last weeks snow fall we have had so much white, fluffy snow to play in I can hardly contain myself. Now, if my mom would just put down the camera so I can frolic a bit that would be nice.

Here's what is coming up in the weeks to come!

This week I'm sharing my Must Have list for everyone this Christmas. This list will include gifts for your dogs such as my favorite treats, bandanas, toys and treats. Also, I'm sharing great ideas to get the dog lover in your life. Finally, I'm going to share gifts that help dog in need. There will also be a giveaway happening!

Next week I'm sharing DIY projects that will make great gifts for your pets and human friends.

Stay tune, there is so much to come and before you know it Christmas will be here!

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  1. I haven't had snow to frolic in yet I'm hoping for some this year,xx Speedy

  2. Happy frolicking !
    Looking forward to the gift list ideas, my Mom needs all the help she can get .....
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. We look forward to coming back for a visit. Mrs. LBJ and Abby the Rescue Lab

  4. Better come inside today, is chilly out there!

  5. We are jealous. You're having al the fun.