Sunday, October 13, 2013

P.A.W.S Benefit Walk 2013

Yesterday we participated in the 13th Annual P.A.W.S. Walk. P.A.W.S (Providing Animals with Shelter) is a local shelter where their mission is to provide lost or surrendered animals with temporary shelter until adoptive families can be found. The walk was a trick or treat walk through the downtown area with stops at participating businesses along the way. Since it was a Halloween theme walk, customs were encouraged. 

(Taking a break from the walk to pose with the sign.)
After registering, receiving our trick-or-treat bags, making some minor adjustments to my costume, we were on our way. Our first stop was to my great pal Laura Penning Photography, where she snapped a couple of pictures of me and my mom and we were off again. Next we hit up the McDonald's table grabbed our free smoothies (well, I didn't get one the humans did) and we hit the pavement. 

(Outside of the Art Center on our walk through downtown.)
It was a wonderful day for a stroll through the downtown area. With the wind at our backs (and bottoms) and cars slowing down to check me out, I was loving it. We walked about 2.5 miles, while making 10 stops for some trick or treat fun. I'm sad to say that it is hard to go to the bathroom in a kilt. It may look easy but it is really hard.  

(Me posing in my costume.)
When we arrived at the beginning the humans dashed over to get their complimentary hot dog while I took a couple pictures with some fans. We then grabbed a bench to rest our feet and paws and waited for the costume contest to begin. 

(I really didn't want to put my head through this hole, but who can resist a Beggin' Strip.) 
Finally, the time has come to the costume contest. There were a lot of wonderful costumes and ideas. The competition was toughWe saw dogs dressed up as football player, pumpkins, fairies, whoopy cushions, Mario and his friends, of course the traditional witch and much more. We all lined up, once our name was called we walked in front of the all the participants. There were two different categories, one was for the best dog costume and the other was for the best dog and human duel costume. I am happy to announce that I won first place in my Scottish Kilt! What an amazing prize I received, however, I knew that P.A.W.S. could use the gift card to Petco more then I could so I decided to donate it to the great organization. 

(My first place prize: a bed and four toys!)

After everything today, I got home and find my "Move Your Mutt" inspirational band in the mail. It is a great reminder for my mom to get up and move her mutt! :)

It's important to continue to support local shelters and rescue organizations. Please consider volunteering, donating, or simply spreading the word to others of their missions. 

- Spencer


  1. That looked like such a fun day, and you won!! Yipee! How sweet of your Mom to donate the gift card back.
    I like the way you wore your inspirational band! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Thank you, I had such a wonderful day! I'm happy my mom donated the gift card, my 4 legged mom was rescued from a puppy mill and in foster care during that time I was born. So I understand the importance of giving back.