Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chef Spencer

Buying pet costumes can be expensive and you can only use them once, maybe twice a year. Have you ever thought about buying children dress-up clothes, costumes, or outfits and use them for the your pet?
(Spencer is very upset that the pizza slices are not real...)

In 2011, Spencer went as a Pizza Chef! It was only logical since he's known for stealing a slice here and there when your back is turned.

I went on, a online "marketplace" with over hundreds of thousand seller. I came a cross this one seller, Key2Life, who makes customized aprons and chiefs hats for children. After a brief conversation letting her know what I was looking for, Spencer's hat and apron were on their way! Once I put them on him I know we had a winning look. 

Rounding the look off we made a t-shirt (mens M) that stated "For pickup or delivery call 1-800-SPENCER," and we reused his boys size 8 jeans from the year before. We also added in a felt pizza. When everything is combined, Spencer becomes our Chief Taste Tester! 

After Halloween, kids can play dress-up with the hat, apron, and pizza. And parts of the costume (such as the jeans) can be saved for another Halloween costume. 


  1. Aw that's great! I have my own kids, so I utilize their dress up clothes for the dog sometimes ;) I just used them the other day to dress the dog up like a pirate in fact.

    1. Talk about the ultimate hand me down!!! Thank you for sharing and would love to see pictures!